Friday, March 9, 2012

Tip Of the Day

Be Your First Customer. So, you have now joined an MLM or a network marketing business, you are a distributor, you are solely responsible for your own success. There are things you must do yourself first before you try to convince others to buy your product because it is the next best thing or it is going to revolutionize this or that: be your own customer. Whatever you are selling, you have to believe in it yourself and truly love it to be able to represent it effectively. Now, if your company sales lines of thousands of products, of course I am not saying buy every single item, but find something that works for you, chances are you have a favorite, something you are thinking will be a big selling item, well try it yourself first. This will also help you find a niche for yourself and be the go to person for that particular product that you decide to push. Know how it works, be your own example. In fact most MLM companies will pay you for your own usage anyway, thus why not make that money for yourself? Successful ways to market your business

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