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Here I will share with you my opportunities, these are businesses I am actively involved in and seeing real results from. These business opportunities are trusted and legitimates and when you join these ventures you will get to work directly with me and take advantage of everything that I have learned in the industry.

Empower Network:

If you haven't joined yet, you are missing out on an amazing opportunity.
Here are some simple facts, Empower Network has launched on October 31st 2011, in less than 60 days post launch, the company had over 13,000 PAYING MEMBERS, and had paid out over $2 MILLION IN COMMISSIONS. It is one of the fastest growing, most popular sites in the US.

Empower Network is unlike anything else out there on the market today, it is not an MLM or an affiliate program, it is a combination of a high powered, innovative blogging platform and a teaching and coaching program designed to first help you identify the very best marketing strategies for your business and help you grown all of your opportunities in the back end. This does not interfere with any other opportunity that you may already be involved in but ratter will complement it very well.

Empower Network pays 100% commission on all of their products thus all of the profit goes to you. 
Beyond a simple online business opportunity, Empower Network is a company with a vision and a purpose to give those who have had a hard time making money online a chance to succeed in their business by giving them the tools and the knowledge necessary to reach the top.

Triniti Communications:

Triniti Communications International is a digital communication company that launched officially on 1/1/2012.Triniti communications is going to revolutionize the world of telecommunications as we know it with their cutting edge technology.  TrinitiComm will offer a way to better experience digital products and services; better service and better savings with all around better communications, entertainment, security and automation. This is a new world of unified, next generation, digital products and services. 

TrinitiComm is offering the opportunity of a lifetime.Make a staggering amount of money with the triniti income opportunity.
  • One time commission on products sold
  • Bonuses on referrals
  •  Residual income
  •  And much more
                                      Get Adopted and Get Paid!
Here Are 5 Great Reasons You Should Get Started Today!

Receive $200 CASH, paid to you electronically in 3 days, for everyone personally adopted into your Family who activates and qualifies their business. Get a Genesis Bonus Override every time someone in your Family earns a $200 Genesis Bonus down through 7 generations deep... Period. And trust us, when you receive your first $200+ and realize how easy it was to do, you will be ON FIRE about our opportunity!

Breakeven With Your First 2 People in the Family. It's all profit from there on so there is literally nothing to lose. Try breaking-even that fast somewhere else.

Get Hundreds or Even Thousands of People in your Family during pre-launch! This will generate exponential income from One-Time and residual commissions as your Family starts ordering Nuclius and Spirit upon release.

No Monthly "Auto-Ships" or Backoffice Charges. Focus on putting money in your pocket instead of taking it out. You can feel comfortable knowing that our mission is to help you succeed with no strings, catches or gotchas.

Gold Unify Your World and Founding Father Prelaunch Programs packed full of free digital services, vacations, cash bonuses, and more! Talk about icing on the cake!

Our 40 Days of Grace Program allows you to get started with your new Triniti Communications business today without having to pay your Business Startup Fee upfront! Click the Gift Box to the left for the details.

Listen to a Global Revolution Call! 

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Dial Into a Global Revolution Call!

+1 (218) 862-7200 | Bridge: 514053

Every Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday

USA 9pm EST | London: Mon 2:00am GMT

Singapore: Mon 10am SGT | Tokyo: Mon 11am JST
Jerusalem: Mon 4am IST | Sydney: Mon 1pm EDT
Honolulu: Sun 4pm HAST

If You Have Any Questions, Read Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) First!
You Can Also Contact abire Online 
For the complete compensation plan click here

Available Products:

Premium Digital Phone Service

With our GeneSys™ Residential and Small Business Truly Unlimited Digital Phone Service, you will enjoy the convenience of truly unlimited local phone service, unlimited long distance and unlimited international calling at incredible savings of up to 70% right over your broadband cable, fiber optic or DSL Internet connection. Talk really is cheap and when you make the switch to TrinitiComm, talk is even cheaper because your first month of service is Free! So kick your current phone company to the curb and switch to TrinitiComm today!

Revolutionary Unlimited Nationwide Mobile
 Introducing Spirit℠, a Truly Unlimited nationwide wireless phone service that will literally change the way the game is played in the wireless phone service industry! Through premier relationships, our mobile phone platform will operate on one of the most advanced and largest nationwide and international mobile phone networks in the world. Our wireless network, regarded as the favorite amongst networks, houses one of the fastest and largest 3G/4G LTE wireless broadband systems so you can enjoy premium high-speed internet right through your 3G/4G compatible phone, smartphone, tabletphone, tablet and laptop data device.

And with our new, revolutionary and exclusive international calling service called Spirit World℠, you have the freedom to makeFree and Unlimited international phone calls to 50 plus countries 24/7, 365 days a year from your Android-powered Spirit phone! Spirit with Spirit World is the perfect combination for satisfying all of your domestic and international mobile communications needs.

Coming Soon:

Revolutionary High-Definition TV Service  
 Say Goodbye to Your Cable or Satellite Company!

and Hello to the Nuclius of Your Unified Digital World!

People are completely fed up with the rising cost and often deteriorating service provided by our cable and satellite TV providers. Up until now there has been little to no viable alternatives for these services because these companies have either monopolized their markets or are in markets where all of the competition is just more of the same with a different name. Well, all of this is about to change in an extremely profound way. And just how profound you ask? Very.

And more...

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