Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Tip of the Day

What you absolutely need to do after you have joined any business opportunity is to personalize your link.
When you get a duplicated site for the company, it usually comes with a long coded link that look like everyone else's, it has your username or affiliate id number in it, the company name... all of that stuff that you do not want to advertise. Thus what do you do?
Well you need to separate yourself from the crowd; get you own personalized domain name, make it catchy, easy to remember, and meaningful. Forward your domain name to your business site, it is easy to do and extremely affordable. This will make it easier to share and will make you unique.
Take advantage of the Godaddy deal.
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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Understanding the Importance of Residual Income

Years ago when I was selling Verizon Fios services out in the field as a rep for one of their contracting companies, I was making an extremely good income, in fact I was the number one account executive in the nation; on the leader board consistently, week after week after week for over a year and then I decided to walk away from the company and use my skills to build my own business.

During those years, I have learned how much money there is to be made in sales and marketing, and how easy it is to do it. Doing it for myself of course will be a lot more lucrative, but what I didn't know then is how important and easy it is to build a financial empire based on residual income.

During my time selling those services I have brought thousands of customers to Verizon and I made a generous one time commission on each customer, which was great; but what happens is Verizon as a service provider continuously gets paid buy those customers that I have brought to their business; I don't.

Now what exactly is residual income?
It is income you receive on a regular bases on work that you have done one time. It requires no maintenance, no effort, this is  true passive income. You do the job once and you continue to receive payment for it as long as the product or service is still being used by the customer.

Residual income is smart money and a fast way to retire comfortably. When I walked away from my 6 figure income years ago and decided to start my own business, well the income stopped.

When choosing a business, make sure to choose one that will allow you to make money on your past efforts; if you walk away and your customers stay with that product, you will still make a living; this is a nice way to retire.
Triniti Communications offers residual income on all of their services. Make sure you understand that as an Independent Business Owner with TrinitiComm you don't only make money on your referrals and from your one time commissions on sales but you are also building a massive monthly residual income. Make sure you are promoting your products and services and not just concentrating all of your marketing efforts on recruiting.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Why should Triniti Communications be on your list of Serious MLMs to Join.

There are simple facts about Triniti Communications you need to know before joining.

It is said that a vast majority of people that join an MLM business fail at making big money or quite before they get a chance to. The reasons for failures are several, lack of dedication, efforts, support, belief, product knowledge etc...but your success or failure in network marketing is first and foremost determined by your choice of company to get involved with.

If you have been looking at

Triniti Communications, keep reading...

Many people will make a substantial income in their MLM businesses but will find that it is short lived, because the excitement, the momentum dies out after a while and thus does your income. When deciding what product to promote or distribute, it is important to chose one that will not be viewed as a trend or a novelty because it will soon become outdated, surpassed by a competitor or simply fund useless by the consumer. That is why products like weight loss, vitamins, nutritional aids... come and go.

Chose a product that will have longevity, a product that will always be on demand even in spite of the state of the economies. Chose a product that pays you not just a one time commission but a residual income as well.
Chose a product that people cannot live without.

Phone service, wireless service, internet service, TV service, these are products and services that are considered in the United States to be some of the basic needs in our homes and business day to day operations. This are products and services that are distributed by Triniti Communications.

Now consider this, are you totally happy with your cable or internet provider per instance? Maybe the answer is no, but do you still pay your bill every month just to keep your services running? The answer is yes; that is what makes this business a recession proof business and a great way to earn residual income as well because with Triniti Communications, you will earn an ongoing monthly income on the usage of these products and services.

Triniti Communications will also compensate you generously for helping them spread the word and recruiting other distributors into the business.
For a complete overview of Triniti Communications Financial Freedom System compensation plan:

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