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Why Pay More Than $20 a Month for Premium Phone Service?

With our GeneSys™ Residential and Small Business Truly Unlimited Digital Phone Service, you will enjoy the convenience of truly unlimited local phone service, unlimited long distance and unlimited international calling at incredible savings of up to 70% right over your broadband cable, fiber optic or DSL Internet connection. Talk really is cheap and when you make the switch to TrinitiComm, talk is even cheaper because your first month of service is Free! So kick your current phone company to the curb and switch to TrinitiComm today!

A Rapidly Rising Leader In The Digital Phone Service Industry
Triniti Communications Intl. Ltd. (TrinitiComm) is headquartered in Canton, Ohio,with knowledgeable customer service and expert support offices scattered across the USA and Canada, not outsourced overseas with hard to understand staff like some of our competition. Our infrastructure and network spans the continental U.S. and Canada and has over 160,000 active customers enjoying crystal clear and unlimited VoIP-based phone calls. Our current network can handle millions of customers before requiring hardware expansion. That simply means we have plenty of room to grow so you'll be more than comfortable and pleased with our service.

When you subscribe to VoIP phone service from TrinitiComm, you are making the choice to join an emerging industry leader among VoIP providers in the rapidly growing Internet Telephony industry. As a TrinitiComm customer we are dedicated to providing you with the absolute best VoIP call quality, the most competitive rates, the best customer service and the most competent technical support so you can enjoy years of satisfaction and peace of mind from of all things, a phone company.

No More Long Distance Charges
With , you will save a bundle on long distance. Any calls you make or receive within your home area code is considered local and is FREE! You do not have to pay any long distance charges! You can travel or even move to another country and call friends and family just like if you were at home. With the Unlimited Plans, all calls within the US & Canada are also free!

Here are 2 examples of how you can get free long distance calling by using :
Let's say you live in Los Angeles but you are traveling to London. Simply bring the adapter along, plug it into your hotel's high speed Internet line and into your phone there. You will instantly get a dialtone. You can call anyone in Los Angeles. Anyone can reach you at your (212) phone number. These calls are considered 'local' and there are no long distance charges.
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Have a friend/relative abroad who you call regularly? With , you can call them and they can call you anytime, free of charge.
Let's say you live in New York but your parents live in Shanghai. Sign your parents up on and send our adapter to them Shanghai. They simply plug in their phone to our adapter and their high speed Internet line. You (or anyone in New York) can call them at their (718) number - free of charge. They can call you (or anyone else in New York) - also free of charge.

Cheaper Convenient Portable

Traditional phone technology will be obsolete soon. Make the switch today.

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